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The Curriculum


Our Programs

We recognise that spontaneous teachable moments occur everyday. At Raleigh St, Educators find a balance between child-led, child-initiated and Educator initiated learning.


Our programs are based on our observations of children’s strengths, emerging  interests and developmental or learning needs, and activities/experiences are cultivated to encourage rich, extended engagement.


The programs run across both indoor and outdoor spaces in all rooms. We utilise our richly resourced environment with permanent learning areas and real life materials as a provocation for children. Within this environment Educators are able to create more opportunities for play, invite open ended interactions, support risk taking and enhance children’s connections and appreciation of natural environments.


Diverse & Adaptable

For all children we provide a wide range of age appropriate and open-ended experiences, interactions and materials that suit their stages of learning. We are able to do this through careful observation and interactions with children so that we get to know them as individuals.


Educators keep track of each child’s involvement in the program, their interests, abilities, strengths and the learning outcomes they achieve at different points in time. We work in partnership with families and other professionals to improve the quality of children’s learning experiences and development. This includes acknowledging and respecting the diverse cultural backgrounds in our community and our children.


Regular incursions/excursions are facilitated for children in all age groups. The Magic Room facilitates regular excursions and community walks and these can be to nearby destinations such as local schools and parks, as well as ventures further afield such as to the Melbourne Museum by tram.


Learning Framework

All Educational Programs and Practices at Raleigh St are guided by the national Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF); the National Quality Standards (NQS) and  Raleigh St's Philosophy.

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