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Preparing you for a smooth transition

You've received an offer of a place at our Centre, here's what you need to do next

Check your email

Once you have received a letter of confirmation of a place at Raleigh St from the Darebin Central Waitlist, you will receive an email from Raleigh St with instructions on how to log in to Xap, our Fees and Enrolment system. 

Complete the enrolment details in Xap

Once you have successfully logged into Xap you can complete the enrolment details for yourself and your child, as well as details of other parent/guardian(s), names of people you authorise to pick up your child from the Centre, medical and dietary requirements, accessibility needs for your child, sunscreen authority, etc.  It is very important that this is completed correctly and thoroughly before the first day of care.  Please also ensure your child's CRN and the CRN of the person claiming CCS is complete, as well as the dates of birth for the child and the claimant, as CCS will not be paid until this is done.  See the next step for details.

Apply for Child Care Subsidy

The information below will guide you through the process of applying for Child Care Subsidy. Please ensure you have completed these steps well in advance of your desired start date as they may take some time. This is particularly true if you or your child does not already have a Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN).

If you are unclear on any of the steps below, please contact us, we are more than happy to help guide you through the process.

Please remember - the earlier you start this process, the quicker your child can be enrolled and the quicker you will receive any subsidy or benefits you are entitled to. This eliminates out of pocket expenses you would otherwise incur whilst waiting for Centrelink to process your request for a CRN or your Complying Written Agreement (CWA).

Hint: You can calculate how much CCS you are eligible for here

Create a Centrelink Online Account

The first step to enrolling your child in child care starts with creating a Centrelink online account, if you do not already have one - families already receiving CCS at other centres should already have one.  You can do this by completing the  process outlined here

Create A MyGov Account

Next you need to create a MyGov account online if you do not already have one - families already receiving CCS at other centres should already have one.  You can do this by completing the online application form at the MyGov website

Register for a CRN for yourself and your child

1. Sign into myGov

2. Select "Link Centrelink" from the "Link a Service" menu

3. Select "No" to "Do you have or know your CRN?", followed by Next

4. Select "Get Started" on either Digital Identity or Centrelink identity verification

Apply For The Child Care Subsidy Via MyGov

If you are enrolling in child care for the first time you need to apply for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) via MyGov. Complete the online assessment here, making sure you complete the entire process

Confirm Your Complying Written Agreement

Once you have your CRN details, and you have you completed yours and your child's enrolment details in Xap, your enrolment details are uploaded to Centrelink, and the system will create a Complying Written Agreement (CWA). This is the enrolment schedule agreed upon between you as a parent/guardian and Raleigh St as the Service Provider. You have to accept this CWA from your Xap account.This will notify Centrelink that you agree to the enrolment and that your authorise Raleigh St to process your Child Care Subsidy (CCS) claims on your behalf.

Confirm Your Enrolment Through MyGov

The last step to ensure you receive CCS is to confirm your enrolment details are all correct.​  Once the government has received confirmation of your Complying Written Agreement (CWA), they will send you a notification through MyGov which should accurately reflect the same attendance details you have previously agreed to.  Please note - you must confirm that this information is correct through the prompts in MyGov before subsidies will be paid on your behalf to Raleigh St.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.

So you know...

We look forward to getting to know your family and sharing an exciting, inspiring, happy time together. 


We recognise that starting or changing care for your child can be an emotionally challenging time for all involved.


 All three rooms have permanent, long-term, full time Educators who are available to support and guide you during this time of transition.

Family Handbook

For further information we encourage families to download our Family Handbook which goes into further details of what to expect from your time at Raleigh St. 

You can download a copy of the handbook here.

Our commitment to you

Raleigh St has committed to​ -

  • Provide children in our care with a happy and safe environment that recognises their individual skills, abilities, and interests

  • Build children up to be resilient, independent thinkers that are flexible and open to new experiences

  • Employ qualified Educators to oversee your child's individual educational needs and assist them with a comprehensive school readiness program when it is time for your child to make the transition to formal schooling

  • Provide a wide range of educational resources that are age and developmentally appropriate for all children in our care

  • Provide beautifully presented, easily accessible environments both indoors and outdoors that invite children to explore, be curious and empower them to make decisions about their learning

  • Commit ourselves to providing child safe environments and provide our Educators with regular child protection and first aid training

What to pack...

  • A piece of fruit to share for morning tea

  • A change of clothes (or two)

  • Nappies (if required)

  • A water bottle clearly labelled

  • A day’s supply of bottles of formula or breast milk clearly labelled (if required)

  • During September to April, arrive with sunscreen applied and sun hat

  • Comfort item for rest time

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